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JP Schuiteman

In the early 1970’s worked extensively with hand built ceramics.  In the late 1970’s concentrated on pencil drawings. In 1983 received BA in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design, from San Diego State University and worked professionally as a Graphic Designer for much of the 80’s through the 1990’s. As a Graphic designer produced a wide range of art used primarily for training purposes, modalities included pen and ink illustrations, computer-based illustrations, animations and interface design for computer based training. Beginning in 2001 moved focus to painting; studying watercolor, oils, and acrylic painting.


Published in the Madrid Spain magazine:

EGF and the City.

Group Exhibitions

2021-Postcards From The Edge, Virtual Show (Visual AIDS) New York, New York.

2021-Art of Pride – Pride: Together Again, San Diego Calif.

2020-Postcards From The Edge, Gallery 524, New York, New York.

2019-Postcards From The Edge, Gallery 524, New York, New York.

2018-POS·I·TIV·I·TY, Art Share LA, 801 E. 4th Place, Los Angeles, Calif.

2018-Postcards From The Edge, Gallery 524, New York, New York.

2017-PROUD Exhibit, The Studio Door, San Diego Calif.

2012-Art of Pride, San Diego Pride Festival, San Diego, Calif.

2011-Art of Pride Monthly Exhibits, San Diego, Calif.

2007-San Diego County Fair Art Exhibition, Del Mar, Calif.

2006-Juried Student Fine Arts Exhibition, San Diego City College, San Diego Calif.
2005-Show Me Yours: A Rotating Student Exhibition, San Diego City College

2003-San Diego County Fair, Del Mar Calif.


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