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about the work

JP Schuiteman

My current focus is on representational imagery, with the human figure as the primary focus.  I am a truth seeker. My intention is to be provocative, awaken thinking and reveal the truth. I present irony or use symbolism because Art should challenge the mind. At the same time, I prefer to create work that I consider beautiful, striving to incorporate the classical rules of composition, balance, etc.

Some recent pieces include some 'homo-erotic' energy. Subjects represented are often athletic African-American men. In my judgment, African-American men have long been the most neglected and in some ways the most disenfranchised segment of American society. Writer Kiersten Adams recently wrote: "A matter still considered taboo, black masculinity can be a sensitive subject, often left undiscussed, because of the universal assumption that for black men, sexuality, gender, and masculinity are mutually exclusive." It is my wish to add to that discussion.

Although an outsider regarding race, I am familiar with intolerance and discrimination as an openly gay man. There is a risk in presenting pieces of this nature and I request that my work NOT be taken out of context. I do not wish to exploit or show disrespect in any way.  I hope to open minds and in that regard, ask that my paintings be taken in context.

Works shown are primarily created with acrylic paints, but I currently am working with oil paint and in the past, watercolor.

These unique works are available for purchase.

I am multifaceted and accept private commissions for paintings, murals or sculpture.


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